What to do in Ouessant?

To discover the scenery of this wild island you have a choice: walk, bike or car ... if you are not sports, or if the weather is inclement.

Locations & adresses utiles

Rentals & useful addresses


This is the best way to discover the island. Our house is in the middle of the island, so it is very easy to reach the different trails.
We provide you with the guide “Ouessant, Paths and Legends” written by Elisabeth Coutrot.
4 walks are offered, with steps and a story attached to each location through.
To go beyond the simple observation of a site, and discover the essence of this island.

Be guided by Ondine, a charming and lovely ambassador of the island she knows by heart and she loves above all share the history and stories with visitors.
She enchants with his tales. She offers many activities you will find details on her website : http://www.kalon-eusa.com/activites-ouessant

Regional interpreter guide Ouessant – Bourg de Lampaul – île d’Ouessant 29242 – Tel : 06 07 06 29 02

Summer is the holiday season in Ouessant. Almost every weekend, the festivities are proposed. And thanks to a strong network of associations. Volunteers who spend freely to raise funds and move Ouessant. There is always a good atmosphere at these festivals unfussy and friendly where simple meals are offered cheap.

Do not forget to check out the panels installed just below the church. The festival program, exhibitions, a lot of useful information are posted … ..

You can also make a return to Mullein in the day, with boats from Penn Ar Bed.

The tourist office: it is of course where you learn when lack of ideas or to get information … Every week the tourist office publishes a newsletter, compilation of various organized activities.

the Rentals

Bicycle rentals
  • Ouessant cycles : 02 98 48 83 44 ou 06 81 89 11 41
  • La Bicyclette : 02 98 48 81 34
  • Cycle Evasion : 02 98 48 85 15
Car rental
      Brico Dépôt de l’Ile : Car Rentals at the bottom of Lampaul.
  • Deposit vehicles to the pier.
  • Tél : 02 98 03 01 89 ou 06 15 57 43 61
  • Mail : richet.sylviane@hotmail.fr
      Garage Kérébel, Croix Rouge (the top of the town)
  • Tél : 02 98 48 81 33 ou 06 22 46 00 12
  • Mail : garage.kerebel@wanadoo.fr
Some taxis offer guided tours
    Taxi Mme Quantin

  • Tours of the island, shuttle, all trips
  • Tél : 06 33 41 64 38 ou 02 98 48 85 95
    Taxi Robert Quantin

  • Tours of the island, shuttle, all trips
  • Tél : 06 07 90 07 36 ou 02 98 48 85 95
    Ouessant Evasion

  • Service “shuttle” and demand, guided tour for groups and individual, group transfer / hikers.
  • Tél : 06 42 70 48 71 ou 06 74 97 14 70.
    Ouessant Voyages

  • Guided tours, transport groups, shuttle service.
  • Tél : 06 73 87 82 28 ou 06 81 04 31 04.

To make absolutely!

to keep an unforgettable memory of Ouessant
  • The night Créac’h lighthouse at night, it is a grandiose spectacle to contemplate the rotation bursts of light beams from the lighthouse on the ocean. With the sound of waves explode on the rocks, you will witness a wonderful “sound and light”.
  • Sunrise at the forefront of Arlan. The rise of the solar star above the stone circle is a magical show. (At 6:00 am in May and June)
  • Sunset in the ocean, Yusin. We must walk from the cottage to enjoy the changing colors of the sky.
  • Museum Lighthouse and Beacon
  • Ecomuseum Niou
  • Museum Stiff

The mini-markets on the island

The choice is limited but adequate. They are generally well supplied but I recommend you go do your shopping in the morning because they are sometimes robbed during the influx of tourists. If you can not find on their shelves special ingredients for your kitchen, you can order the them.

  • 8 à Huit: in the lower town
  • Spar: Church Square
  • The market of the islands to the outskirts of the town on the road Stiff


People in Ouessant are more spoiled than their neighbours in moléne as a bakery offering fresh bread daily and pastries. On Sunday morning you have to go buy bread before the release of the Mass as the baker does not cook 2nd batch.

Saturday morning: excellent organic bread baked in wood and with passion by Gilles Barbe. You can buy bread directly home, at Saint-Michel hamlet. You must book at 02 98 01 12 20

The market

The little square before the church

Every morning the husband of Ondine offers freshly caught fish and crabs when in season.


The shop Nividic offers live products from the company Algae and sea – cosmetics from algae whose active ingredients are extracted on the island.


In the village

    Ar Piliguet: 02 98 03 14 64

  • great food in a beautiful setting: the owners have kept the garden as they found it by buying the house. This is the best of the island. Emmanuel will offer original wines.
    Ty Korn: 02 98 48 87 33

  • Francoise and Serge welcome you in their friendly Pub, where one feels at home. We recommend the plate of langoustines.
    Hôtel La Duchesse Anne: 02 98 48 80 25

On the way Stiff

    Chez Jacky – Adresse : Mes Kerbel, 29242 Ouessant -Tél:02 98 48 83 69

  • A worker restaurant where Jacky offers simple dishes at fair prices. Her stew in clumps has a good reputation.

To take away

      Chez Ludo (the bottom of the village, opposite the 8-8)
  • you will find excellent pizzas and flammekueche evening and lunchtime sandwiches, sausages and fries.


    Crêperie de l’Arrivée

  • Port du Stiff
  • Tél : 02 98 48 84 99
      Crêperie Chez Carole – Salon de Thé (at the exit of the village, going towards the Stiff)
  • Stang Ar Glann
  • Tél : 06 84 61 69 42
    Crêperie du Stang (in the village)

  • Bas du bourg de Lampaul
  • Tél : 02 98 48 80 94
    Crêperie Ticos (in the village)

  • crêperie & Grill opposite to Ty Corn
  • tél : 06 61 80 87 13
How to get to Ouessant

On a boat

Penn Ar Bed Company is the official company operating sailings to the islands all year contract with the General Council of Finistère. Schedules vary according to the months of the year, should be consulted on the website:


Vous trouverez sur ce site toutes sortes d’informations très pratiques et détaillées pour organiser votre traversée.

You will find here all kinds of very practical and detailed information to plan your journey.

The company ensures the crossing from Brest and Conquet Camaret and summer.

If you arrive by train, you have 2 opportunities to take the boat from the train station.

  • Join the pier of the port of Brest
    Take line 4 at the stop “Kennedy-Brest Gare” towards the commercial port (the side of the square, opposite the train station) and get off at ‘Brest – The Islands “(1 every 15 minutes). If you are not too heavy, you can get from the station to the harbor on foot (15min walk)
  • Join the pier Conquet: taking the bus No. 11 to the bus station, which is located just outside the train station. The correspondence is free, ask your coupon when booking your crossing. The hours are limited. They are specified on schedules boat schedules.

You can also inquire about the Conquet Brest links by bus on the website http: //www.viaoo29.frou at 0810810029 (No. blue: price of a local call).

By plane

For information or reservations call

The flights are operated from Monday morning to Saturday afternoon. There is no rotation apès Saturday afternoon, Sundays and holidays

The Company closed four weeks of the period 25 July to 21 August inclusive.

Car park

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Ouessant practices selective sorting.
The waste collected at Ouessant is packed and transferred to the mainland for processing.